Convoy & Flexport (via acquisition) | Senior Software Engineer on Production & Development Experience

2022 - 2023

  • Led three-person team to develop new microservice test & development environment using Kubernetes
    • Worked with third-party vendors to determine Convoy needed to build instead of buy
    • Interviewed customers to collect requirements and designed system architecture
    • Reduced E2E test times by 11 minutes (~92%)
  • Developed and executed standard procedure for Convoy's first Kubernetes and Istio upgrades
    • Upgrade unlocked 33% reduction in AWS data transfer spend
  • Standardized company-wide Docker image building to be SOC2 compliant and easy for all developers
  • Led technical side of internal wiki migration; wrote data scraper/exporter when vendor tool did not work

Convoy | Software Engineer on Development & Test Experience

2020 - 2022

  • Improved E2E test times by four minutes (25%) by dockerizing test runner
  • Worked with vendor to establish service ownership and health registry for ~200 microservices
  • Owned operational metrics: kept ~180 of 200 services up-to-date and drove down # of on-call pages
  • Led four-person team to eliminate all x86 developer dependencies to prepare for Apple Silicon Macs

Amazon Web Services | Software Development Intern

Summer 2019

  • Implemented artifact caching for continuous integration system
  • Saved thousands of developer & compute hours per week

Art of Problem Solving | Software Engineering Intern

Summer 2018

  • Designed web-based interactive math problems for students using React & Node

VandyHacks IV & V | President

2016 - 2020

  • Organized three hackathons with annual $80K budget and 500+ attendees


Vanderbilt University | B.S. in Computer Science; Minor in World Politics


    Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy | Received Diploma




      Seattle Surf Incubator: AI Hackathon

      Mar 2023

      • Created browser extension that uses GPT-4 API to dynamically change website UI based on user prompt


      2019 - 2020

      HackIllinois: Rust Hot Module Reloading

      Feb 2019

      Firefox Address Bar Expression Parser

      2019 - Present